Employee Explains What Happened In Viral Car Wash Video


You know what they say, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Hit Them With A Power Washer.”

An Indiana teen has turned into an overnight sensation, proving that sometimes, the best defense is a good… hose. Anna Harycki, 18, put a rude customer in there place while she was at worker.

Harycki, was at work guiding cars onto the guide track at the car wash when the driver, threw a cup of lemonade on her for now apparent reason.

Harycki made a quick move and hit the driver – who’s window was still down – with the power washer that was in her hand. The 14-second clip of this epic showdown hit X, formerly known as Twitter, faster than you can say “viral justice,” showcasing Harycki’s swift retaliation to the world.

“I was loading the car like I did with so many cars before that, making sure they safely entered the car wash belt,” Harycki said.

“Once I pulled the car in all the way, I put the numbers into the system so they got the car wash they paid for.”

“I picked up the pressure washer and started spraying down their car,” she explained.

“The girl rolled down her window and threw lemonade at me, and I was in shock.”

Well, when that power washer hit the driver, I bet they were shocked, too.

One must wonder if that’s not the first time Harycki has had to deal with a situation like that before because she hit the driver in an instant (video is below).

Imagine the shock, plus you have no idea what the liquid is.

The great news is that her employer is backing her up.

“I told my managers, who were not OK with [the customer] throwing a drink at me,” she said.

“They decided to ban her and her boyfriend from the car wash.”


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