Judge Dismisses Cases Of Those Involved In Texas Riot


A recent event has created quite a stir. A county judge has made the decision to dismiss the charges brought against a group of people at the southern border. They had been arrested and charged with causing a riot.
This decision came about when the court determined that there wasn’t enough solid evidence, or probable cause, to support the arrests in the first place. These individuals had been involved in a confrontation with National Guard troops as they tried to enter the country.

This ruling marks a significant turn of events in this case, stirring discussions and debates about the legal processes related to border entries and the role of the National Guard. Stay tuned as the story continues to unfold.
The ruling comes as Soros DA’s and Biden’s border crisis has ignited a massive debate.

From the El Paso Times:

County Court at Law 7 Judge Ruben Morales dismissed the 140 cases during a hearing Monday, April 22, after ruling Texas Department of Public Safety state troopers failed to provide probable cause for the mass arrest.
“After reviewing the affidavit, I don’t believe that (probable cause) exists,” Morales said during the hearing. “I don’t believe there is probable cause for these individuals to continue to be detained for the offense of riot participation.”
The migrants will now be released from state custody. However, all 140 migrants are still facing federal charges of illegal entry into the U.S. and will be turned over to federal custody.
The dismissal does not mean the migrants can’t be charged with riot participation later. The El Paso District Attorney’s Office can still indict them on those charges.
El Paso County Public Defender, Kelli Childress suggested that even though the district attorney has the power to accuse the individuals of rioting, “I would hope they would have the integrity to explain to a Grand Jury what probable cause means and the fact that the judge found there was none.”

The basis for Childress’s argument appears to stem from her belief that border officials may not have had enough reason to apprehend a group of people accused of being in the country illegally.

This is mind-blowing because there is a video of them breaking down a border fence and rushing the crossing.
The riot injured two National Guard troops, and footage showed the moment the group crashed through the border.
Those involved in the incident are still facing charges for being in the USA illegally.


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