Previous Police Report Found Before Death Of Pastor’s Wife


There has been an update on the tragic death of Mica Miller, a pastor’s wife, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Miller, 30, had contacted Myrtle Beach Police on April 8 after she discovered an indecent image of herself on Facebook that she did not consent to have posting. Mica told police that she believed her estranged husband, John-Paul Miller, 44, had posted the image to a Facebook group.

Miller had told police that she had sent the picture to only her husband six months prior.

It was one of several police reports the couple filed against each other before she was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 27.

According to the police report the photo was edited in a way that did not make the image illegal. Officers also told Mica that the photo was posted anonymously and that there was “no way to prove” Miller was the one who posted the photo.

Miller had previously contacted police complaining that Mica’s family was “harassing him” online, whining that it was hurting his reputation.

Officers told him to contact them if and only if he was actually being harassed and had proof, like a social media post or text message.

We previously reported, a waitress from South Carolina has come forward with unsettling revelations about Pastor Miller. According to the waitress, identified as Christiana, the pastor had been sending her inappropriate messages, including flirtatious comments and requests for “bikini pics,” despite still being married.

Christiana’s interactions with the pastor began when he left his phone number with a 50 percent tip after she served him at a restaurant. Christiana did some research before before texting the Pastor. Her suspicions about him being married were confirmed through a friend who had a terrible experience at his church.

“I was pretty aware of things from the beginning,” Christiana said. “I had some suspicions. There were there was some red flags. I did some research before I even texted him. And then after I did, I spoke with a friend of mine whose friend had a very negative experience, a mortifying experience really, with him and his Church.”

“I know that she witnessed some things that were not appropriate and faced some harassment when she tried to speak out about them,” the waitress said, adding that she was preparing to reach out to Miller’s wife to warn her.

The waitress said she took the opportunity because she felt like “we have a rampant problem in our country, and especially in our churches with this type of behavior. I feel that it needs to be brought to light. So, I saw an opportunity and I took it.”

The situation took an even more chilling turn after Mica’s death. When Christiana texted Pastor Miller to see if anything was new, his response was, “lots new, LOL, I’ll text later.” This casual and seemingly insensitive reaction was shared during an interview with NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas.



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