75% Of Americans Say Tipping Has Gone Overboard


We’re tackling a hot topic that has sparked conversation across the United States: the culture of tipping.

It seems everywhere you go, even at gas stations, people are asking for a tip.

Recent findings show Americans have growing concerns over the expectations of gratuities in virtually every establishment.

A recent survey conducted by the discount-finder website CouponBirds reveals a striking perspective on tipping culture. It appears that more than three-quarters of Americans feel the push towards tipping has become excessive. This sentiment comes as consumers are increasingly prompted for tips through credit card machines in a wide range of settings, from coffee shops to self-service checkouts.

Not to mention the increase in prices and wages.

I was recently at a fast food place, and the starting pay was over $15 an hour.

Interestingly, the study, which surveyed 1,100 people, highlighted a phenomenon known as “guilt tipping.” About two-thirds of respondents admitted to tipping extra just to avoid feeling guilty.

Moreover, 63% of those surveyed guilt tip to steer clear of any potential confrontation.

But you aren’t safe there either half of the respondents noted they’ve encountered tipping prompts at automated, self-service kiosks.

That’s about the only place I refuse to tip. If I’m doing all the work you don’t get the extra money. 

Despite these pressures, the study found that only 30.7% of people always tip, 22.9% do so often, and a mere 5.7% never leave a gratuity. This data suggests a complex relationship between consumers and the tipping culture that permeates their everyday transactions.

In light of these uncomfortable exchanges, a whopping 84% of participants believe that raising the minimum wage for servers could be a solution. This is similar to Europe, where servers at a sit-down restaurant are paid a decent wage, but tipping is not expected (usually no more than 5%).

As stated, unless it’s a do-it-yourself kiosk, I try to tip. Has it gotten out of control? Yes.

But I like to try to pay it forward and be gracious. You never know who you might help out, and in this economy, it’s tough.


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